Naomi Campbell photographed by Photograph Jean-Paul Goude, 2007-(via DWNH)

Because she has only one pointe shoe on. Because her figure is of legend. Because they call her Naomi. Because she does not allow the fashion industry to disregard black beauty. Because her voice often get mistaken for anger. Because she can easily be dismissed as just a model. Because she is not liked by everyone. Because she has been an inspiration for many girls, brown and white. 



I’m starting a motion to get rid of nighttime technology wow

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Day 11:My rakugaki skill has def improved from going to Uni. 集中力が切れた時にrevitalizeする方法①。

Another happy moment with my uni bestie;)
Drinking and toasting for nothing actually! Could be for doin’ life? Haha

Walking the petal carpet under the dazzling light on my way to school made my day;)

Idk if this will work as well on my Asian eyes but I’ll still take a try.👲👀🙏

Real life ももいろのきりん, a children’s book I used to read like every single day.

Healthy or not?
Cocoa Banana Smoothie🍌with 2 teaspoonful of honey





steve don’t just accept that bullshit

that must have been some fucking witchcraft blue pulled to get that up there

That look on his face

“Fuck, whatever. My fucking salt talks to me. This is actually normal for me.”

My fucking salt talks to me.

this guy

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My Mean Girls pencils arrived! #noneforgretchenweiners #carboncrusader

For those of you who need these pencils in your life also, you can get them (plus Legally Blonde, Clueless and Pitch Perfect pencils) from Carbon Crusader!



Singer uses her music video to intriguingly show how fake performers are in videos

Hungarian musician Boggie sits still and sings for her latest music video… So what makes it interesting?

As she performs, her video editor retouches her skin, hair, facial features, and lighting during the song so that by the end everything looks “right”…

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